4 Benefits of VoIP Systems
Posted by voiptelephonesystems, 01/02/2018 7:51 am

Any company with concerns about cost-effective, efficient telecommunications has likely heard that VoIP Telephone Systems are good choices. These systems address most, if not all, of a company’s communication needs, but there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there. In this guide, business owners can learn some of the biggest benefits of VoIP systems.

Low Per-Call Costs

As the name implies, a VoIP phone system uses internet protocol to place calls. Rather than using conventional phone lines, all data is routed over the IP network. This network can be the business’ internet connection, a direct link to the telephone provider, or a combination of both. The important thing is that there’s a guaranteed service quality from the telephone provider’s network to the office network. However, if the company uses the Internet to connect to the provider, QoS (quality of service) isn’t possible. Businesses using VoIP can usually make domestic calls free of charge, making it a great solution for budget-conscious business owners.

Mobility of Service

If the business is highly mobile, VoIP phone services can be a great benefit because they follow the company wherever it goes. By comparison, lines running to businesses over a traditional system are assigned their own phone number, and much time can be wasted in transferring numbers and services to different locations. With today’s VoIP setups, these problems are eliminated and businesses can move freely.


Using a VoIP system allows owners to multitask with today’s devices, increasing productivity and saving time. For instance, users can read transcribed voicemails while they’re on a call that’s been queued. Voicemails and messages are easily forwarded, and the entire process takes just a few seconds. With this level of versatility, a VoIP system can grow as the business does.

Easy Conference Calling

The features mentioned above aren’t all that’s simplified by VoIP. Because all calls use converged data networks instead of standard phone lines, creating or participating in a conference call is easier. Such services are native to most VoIP systems, and users can take advantage of them without paying extra.

Making Good Decisions

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